College Application Essay

As America still mourns over the terrorist attacks of September 11, we as a united nation are being encouraged to move on with our lives. People are being enticed to buy new cars to keep the economy going, to keep investing in funds, and to not be frightened about flying. Most importantly, we are told to return to our “normal” lives. For many, this involves staying in school. As a senior in high school, I am uncertain about what the future holds for America, but I am certain about what I want in my future – to go to college.

A few months ago, life seemed certain and predictable. The economy was great and people lived without fear of terrorism. Now, people are scared of what the future brings. We are living in the dawn of a new war, something someone of my age has not ever experienced, and although my parents and grandparents may have seen wars, no one has seen what America now faces. The threat of bio-chemical warfare is frightening and something that until now we have only seen in movies. Now, the idea from many such movies is becoming reality.

However, I believe the future holds many wonderful things. Although the September 11 attacks were mortifying to all of us, some good has come from it. We are now a more alert nation and we no longer take our safety for granted. Congress is now seriously debating issues of privacy and hopefully any new laws will better protect us and keep us secure. Furthermore, many people have put aside petty differences and quarrels and have developed a true sense of being a united nation. Everywhere one looks, flags are flying illustrating unity and pride.

As I enter college, I will also be entering a new life. A new life filled with uncertainties and with America becoming a new and stronger nation. All of us are lucky to be Americans and to be blessed with so many opportunities. The countries that America now fights are not blessed with the freedom we have. Many, especially women, do not even have the choice of whether or not they would want to attend school. In America, everyone has the choice and the right to go to school. As our pride grows, our future brightens. Perhaps now Americans will take advantage of the many things we often take for granted, such as going to school. So many kids today feel like going to school is punishment and a waste of time. I, however, disagree. How can improving yourself be a waste of time? Education is a blessing that not everyone has and to not take advantage of such a wonderful blessing shows true lack of ambition and self- respect.

For me, the future holds endless possibilities and opportunities. I have the opportunity to go to college and further my education. I have the capability to do anything. I will make the most of myself and make my future to be exactly what I want. Attending college will allow me to realize my dream. The challenge of college is exciting and enticing. I feel certain I will be able to overcome all obstacles that may be in my path to becoming what I want to be.

I believe that when I graduate from college, America will be as it has never been before. We will truly be united as a country and we will forever continue a fight against terrorism. Our economy will boom and our pride will grow and strengthen our nation. My generation, as young adults, now faces the responsibility to be an example to all others. We must continue to make this country a great place to live. We must continue our education so that we can teach others. We will continue to be prideful so that fear will not demolish our nation. We will continue to learn so that we can constantly improve on old ideas. We will learn from past mistakes and use that knowledge to better the future. I want not only a great future for myself, but also for all those who have already helped shape my future and for all those who follow. However, we must always continue our education to accomplish such feats. Without knowledge, we will have nothing and will not be able to better the world.

When I think about what the future holds for me, the one thing I know is that I want to attend college. I want to learn as much as I can and become great at what I want to do. As an American, I have been blessed with this opportunity to apply for college and I want to take full advantage of what life has to offer. By expanding my mind, I will not have to settle for whatever comes my way. I will choose my own path and walk triumphantly because I know that my future will be exactly what I make it to be. By receiving a great education, I will accomplish my dreams. Go to our professional writing service

College Admissions Essay Second Try

An American poet, Albery A. Whitman once wrote, “Adversity is the school of heroism, endurance the majesty of man, and hope the torch of high aspirations.”

This quote is very applicable to my current situation. For example, the adversity that I currently face is the rejection I received from Monmouth University regarding my application to become an undergraduate student. I believe that this adversity could turn me into a ‘hero’ as I believe it can be overcome if you will read this essay and reconsider my application. I also believe that endurance is a quality that an applicant must have to be successful in this process and I hope that you will allow me to re-present myself to you. Further, my high aspirations of attending Monmouth are what allow me to write to you today.

At first glance, you may wonder how I even had the courage to apply to Monmouth University in the first place — I have an imperfect school record and my SAT’s are not up to par. Yet I am asking you to reconsider my application for undergraduate admission to Monmouth University based on some pertinent information that is not reflected in my original application.

I understand from researching your school that an important criterion for incoming students is a strong work ethic. While my overall scholastic achievement does not adequately demonstrate this, I believe that a closer look at my background exhibits this quality perfectly.

For instance, when I realized that my grades were not as stellar as they could be and could hinder my dream of being admitted to Monmouth, I immediately began to focus on my academic career. I have worked extremely hard recently to improve my lackluster grades – and they have been steadily improving.

Moreover, after not performing as well as I hoped to on the SAT’s, I studied tirelessly and took them again on April 4th of this year. Though I have not received my scores back yet, I believe that this also demonstrates my strong work ethic as I realized that my previous efforts could be improved upon so I undertook this challenge.

Furthermore, in addition to my scholastic improvements, my work ethic is demonstrated in my sports achievement. I am an accomplished cross-country runner who has trained hard to achieve my athletic goals. It is not possible to be a cross-country runner without dedication and a strong work ethic committed to training and improving oneself.

I am attracted to Monmouth University because of the quality academic programs, small classes, excellent sports opportunities, and all around fantastic facilities. Monmouth University has a diverse student body, yet it is not overrun with a massive amount of students. This university has the appropriate combination of the feel of a large university combined with the individual attention (accomplished through small classes) that usually accompanies small liberal arts colleges. This is the type of environment where I can rise to my full academic potential. I am confident that if I am allowed to attend Monmouth University that I will thrive in this atmosphere.

Furthermore, I am very impressed with the community of your school and have been impressed with not only the students that attend Monmouth University, but also with the energy. The enthusiasm that I have encountered from current Monmouth students is unparalleled at any other comparable university. This is a community of which I very much want to be a part.

Additionally, sports are an essential element in my life and Monmouth has excellent offerings in this area. Competitive sports offer camaraderie, recreation, and release. For me, cross-country running has been a confidence builder and a consistent source of fulfillment. I am a very passionate, intense and driven individual who thrives on both challenge and competition. Monmouth University has first rate athletic programs and I would be an asset to your NCAA Division I team. I look forward to continuing to strive for excellence in athletic endeavors and feel that Monmouth University is the place where I can excel. For more information go to

I truly do wish I that I had a 4.0 grade point average and that my SAT scores were phenomenal because then I could possibly have already been admitted to Monmouth University. However, since I do not, I must try another avenue and hopefully this essay will convince you to give my application a second look. I assure you that what I lack in scholastic achievement up to this point, I will make up in the enthusiasm that I put forth into achieving scholastic, as well as athletic, greatness at Monmouth University.

Monmouth University is my first choice university and I promise that your confidence in me would be rewarded with loyalty, dedication and hard work. I would very much welcome the opportunity to attend Monmouth University and sincerely appreciate your taking the time to read this essay. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Nursing Essays: Discussing Patients’ Adjustment to Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses is one important nursing essay topic.  The essay on the topic is otherwise called the chronic nursing essay.

In writing this essay, the student nurse essay writer follows some guidelines which are hallmarks of this specific essay:

  • Aim – Nursing essays on this topic put the aim at the early portion so that the readers will be guided with the essence of what they are reading and the essay is all about.  Being about a highly technical clinical matter, nursing essays on this topic may not solicit interest if the aim is not given at the onset.  Stating the aim early on will inform the reader what they will learn about from the essay.  If the aim is not given early, prospective readers will have no clear idea what the essay is about and may pass up reading.
  • For Lay Men and For Colleagues – After the aim, writers of the nursing essays on this topic proceed with introducing the topic to lay men or people who have no background on nursing and medicine.  The terms involved are defined so that lay men will understand what they mean and so that the professor can get a glimpse of the student nurse’s learnings and knowledge and the professor can mark accordingly.
  • Description – General descriptions of the conditions of chronic illness patients are enumerated.  The descriptions are given in clear and simple language which embodies nursing knowledge.
  • Examples – To give a larger picture of the scenario, examples of chronic illnesses are given. Readers will get further knowledge about the topic and at the same time sustain their interest.
  • Focus – In writing model nursing essays on this topic, student nurses each choose a specific chronic illness to which focus will be given. Go to our professional writing service

Labour Law Coursework

Labour Law Coursework: Law Within the Business Work Place Settings

Labour law coursework and labour law essay on law within the business work place settings is one of the recently emerging academic tasks that law students face.  Work within the business enterprise including bars, salons and restaurants has been put into the far reaching spotlight extended by the law.  In other words, the labour law essay has just become more diverse.

Model labour law essays on law within the business work place settings have similar as well as different approaches and emphases.  Here are some of them:

  • Discussion on the Purposes and Goals of the Law on Business Work Place Settings

Model law essays on the law on business work place settings enumerate the purposes and goals for which the said law was legislated or put into place.  These purposes, which are also at the same time the supposed end or goals, include organisation and its maintenance, promotion of safety and convenience of workers and regulation of relationships within the workplace.  Each of them is discussed as a supporting explanation of the essay writer’s comments and opinions on each of the given information from the essay problem if any is given.  Otherwise, the goals or purposes are given opinions and supporting examples and their explanations one by one.

  • Identification of the Elements and Issues Involved

The labour law essay on the law on business work place settings identifies the elements and issues in such law.  If a specific case is given, the essay identifies the elements and issues from the given case and then discusses them one by one or in correlation.  If the situation is not so, the essay writer usually looks for or make up one.  Alternatively, a one-by-one discussion of the elements and issues and examples for each one is done. Learn more interesting writing tips from

Researching Topics In Your History Essay

History essay writing, essay writing for that matter, involves planning, preparation, research, writing, and proofreading.  Research is very important in essay writing; how much more for history essay writing which involves historical facts recorded in history texts?  Thus, the importance of research for your history essay can never be overemphasize.

Let us focus on research, specifically researching topics in your history essay writing.  Before you embark or, if you have started, before you resume your research, read a few tips that you can use to better research for your history essay:

  • Be Sure of the Essay Topic – If you are assigned a specific topic, you should make sure what the topic means before you start your research.  If you are given two or more topics to choose from, make sure you know what they mean before you make your choice.  History is a very broad study which involves the use of set of words which are the same but have different meanings or different terms which have the same connotation.  For example, there are similarities and differences between the terms “mediaeval” and “dark ages.”  You should know what the essay topic means so that you will not be researching for the wrong one.  You should not mistake your topic with another.
  • Your Topic is There – You could come across materials which you know are good sources but you cannot find your history essay writing topic there.  It might, or should, be there but just with a different heading.  Familiarise yourself with your history essay writing topic using tried and tested sources and then you can go back to your target material and scan it for possible headings in which your topic falls in to.  For example, the topic “mediaeval” may take the title “middle ages.”

Be Interested. Be Enthusiastic!

There are a lot of essay writing tips out there. You can get them from the internet, classroom, books, magazines, newspapers and support or interest groups. Getting essay writing tips from support or interest groups like writing circles, literature clubs or bloggers communities should be a very good start. This is because you have the interest and enthusiasm to start and build on your essay writing and custom essay UK professors in your university will give high regards.

Thus, one best among essay writing tips would be to be interested and to be enthusiastic. The following are ways or tips to be so:

  • Join Groups – Yes, this is one very good way of being interested and being enthusiastic. By joining a group of writing learners, you will be in a community of writing enthusiasts. These people are comprised of those who are already good or have excelled in writing and still has the enthusiasm. These kind of people can and will help you and provide you with guidance and inspiration. You will be encouraged to write and excell at writing. Another kind of people in the group would be those like you. You will learn with them.
  • Read – To be able to learn how to write, you should read. Where else would you get ideas and learn styles? Also, reading will inspire you. If you read something that is smartly written, it will amaze you and inspire you to write your own amazing piece also. Read a lot of different writings from news, articles, essays, commentaries and anecdotes. While you enjoy reading, you also deposit ideas into your brain. These ideas will come out as needed or desired.
  • Write – In other words, practice. Write for personal consumption, then for your friends and then for the public. You can write for your friends by contributing to social networking sites, blogs and internet groups. You can write for the public by sending contributions to the internet or the printed media. Newspapers and magazines are good venues because of the higher level of screening that contributions pass through.
  • Do Not Give Up – Last and bottom line of these essay writing tips – Be interested. Be enthusiastic! Go to Do not give up…

Tips for Students in Writing Education Essays

Education is a very broad subject because it encompasses various concepts, fields, principles, and disciplines so that the subject of education is commonly used in the essay writing tasks of students from the different levels of higher education. The tasks for writing education essays are not just confined for students taking up courses related to the discipline of education, but also by students taking up academic programs that are not directly related to education courses.

Regardless of the higher education course being taken up by students, they should efficiently perform their tasks for writing education essays especially if those essays are part of their coursework and other academic tasks that are making an important impact to their studies.

There are several important tips that the students should learn and apply in their tasks for writing education essays. The tips include:

  • A student should choose an education essay topic based on his familiarity and interest in the topic. It would be easier and more feasible for him to write about the topic if he has the enthusiasm and effort for writing about a topic that is familiar and interesting for him. However, the student should also consider the lecturer who would evaluate the essay and the intended readers of the essay.
  • The structure of education essays are similar to the basic structure of other academic essays discussing specific topics. The basic structure consists of the three components or parts of the essay, which constitute the introduction, body, and conclusion. The definition of each component:

A. The introduction has a brief and concise introductory paragraph that identifies the main points or issues to be discussed, explains and justifies the techniques of analysis to be used, and evaluates the supporting evidence for the topic. The last part of the introduction is the thesis statement, which states the main argument of the essay.

B. The body thoroughly presents the main points of the topic, examines the supporting evidence, and discusses the arguments to support or refute the points that were discussed.

C. The conclusion summarises the main points discussed in the body and connects them together in their relation to the topic.

Learn more interesting writing tips from

How to Write The Education Essay UK Way

Education essays should be particular of UK standards.  And why not, UK standards are set by the education sector and the means by which most of the academic learning are measured through the essay.  As stated, the mentioned educated opinion would lead to the question – how do we write education essay UK way?

The substance of meeting UK standards is writing an effective essay.  By effective, we mean the essay catches readers’ interest, systematically presents and develops a well-researched argument, educates readers and leaves an impact on them.  The following are steps in meeting UK essay writing standards:

  1. Address the Essay Requirement – To achieve a truly UK essay, you should be able to address the essay assignment’s questions, instructions or problem. So, the first step should be addressing the requirements of your essay and this can be done by making an essay plan or outline.
  2. Formulate the Thesis – Assembling ideas for the thesis of your essay follows.  This is done by doing sufficient and appropriate research.  Without such research, you will not have the foundation on which to build the main idea or argument with which your essay will be about.
  3. Use Correct Terms – Being particularly strict because your essay is about education and education is what defines the UK essay, the education essay should be written with correct usage of education terminologies or language. Review your essay to check for errors particularly on this aspect after completely writing it.
  4. Write Cohesively and Coherently – Because it is an essay on education, to be able to meet education essay UK standards your essay should demonstrate cohesiveness and coherence as it should serve as a model for essays in other fields especially in terms of these two essay characteristics.
  5. Be Definite in Concluding – Education as a topic requires a firm conclusion more than any other essay type.  This is because education is the foundation of ideas, opinions and arguments.  To conclude your education essay UK way, a firm and definite statement of your argument should leave an impact to readers.

Topical Guide in Selecting Topics for Chemistry Essays

Chemistry is the science of matter and a branch of the natural science. It is concerned with the composition, behaviour or reaction, structure, and the properties of matter, and the changes that matter undergoes during chemical reactions. Hence, academic chemistry essays would usually focus on topics that are related to the science of matter. Chemistry essay writing tasks are usually performed by students from secondary schools, universities, and tertiary education level institutions.

Teachers or lecturers would either assign particular essay topics to their students or give them the option of selecting their own topics for their chemistry essays. If you are given the option of selecting the topic in your essay about chemistry, the best way to select a topic for your essay is to base your choice of topic on the basic topical outline for the discipline of chemistry.

Under the topical outline, each of the main field would have its own sub-fields with its own topics and sub-topics until it could be further broken down into simple parts. The topical outline for chemistry:

  • Branches of chemistry – The branches cover analytical chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry.
  • Essence of chemistry – The essence covers of the chemical compound, chemical formula, chemical reaction, and chemical substance.
  • History of chemistry – The history would generally cover atomism in the time of ancient Greece and India, the rise and development of metallurgy, the rise of alchemy, the rise of chemistry during the medieval period, the development of chemistry from the 16th century until the 19th century when the periodic table was created, and the modern definition of chemistry from the early to the middle of the early 20th century.
  • General concepts of chemistry – The general concepts cover the periodic table of the chemical elements, concepts by subject area, and concepts by branch of chemistry.

However, the topical outline for chemistry is only a guide that you could use in getting ideas for your essay. Other ideas in getting topics for chemistry essays could be obtained from the current trends and news in chemistry, which could usually be found in journals, magazines, and other publication materials specialising in chemistry and its related fields. Buy essays on any subject at

Writing Relevant American Studies Essays

As a student in American Studies, you should write American Studies essays which are relevant. Relevance give your American Studies essays, any essay or anything for that matter, a high degree of being interesting. Being interesting is another important characteristic that your American Studies essay should have. Thus, relevance is very important because, aside from being the most important feature of your essay, it translates to interest which is another important feature.

Use some tips to help you achieve relevance in your American Studies essays:

  • Relevance of U.S. Politics to Global Politics – You can explore the relevance of the politics in the United States to the world. Because governments manage and run countries, politics is a very relevant topic. As a superpower, the U.S. is arguably the most powerful country in the world and the U.S. president is the most powerful individual in global politics. Aside from these specific topics, there are a lot of other topics regarding U.S. politics.
  • Hegemony – Being a country studied by students in subjects or modules, baccalaureate and masters degrees, does America give an impression or truth that it deals with benevolent hegemony in its relations with other countries? You can answer this question in your American Studies essay.
  • American History – In your American Studies essay, you could also share the lessons of American history. This is a very relevant approach because the present and future generations should know history, learn from it and apply it to do better. American history is rich of lessons from events and teachings from personalities which have been tried and tested.
  • Implications of Changes – You can discuss possible changes in the demographical make up of the U.S. and how it will affect or impact other countries. This kind of American Studies essay writing topic is very interesting as it appeals to human interest. Being a topic of educated forecasting nature, readers will be interested because it is some kind of a prophecy. Your essay will be taken note of as readers will try to see if your forecast will be realised.