College Application Essay

As America still mourns over the terrorist attacks of September 11, we as a united nation are being encouraged to move on with our lives. People are being enticed to buy new cars to keep the economy going, to keep investing in funds, and to not be frightened about flying. Most importantly, we are told to return to our “normal” lives. For many, this involves staying in school. As a senior in high school, I am uncertain about what the future holds for America, but I am certain about what I want in my future – to go to college.

A few months ago, life seemed certain and predictable. The economy was great and people lived without fear of terrorism. Now, people are scared of what the future brings. We are living in the dawn of a new war, something someone of my age has not ever experienced, and although my parents and grandparents may have seen wars, no one has seen what America now faces. The threat of bio-chemical warfare is frightening and something that until now we have only seen in movies. Now, the idea from many such movies is becoming reality.

However, I believe the future holds many wonderful things. Although the September 11 attacks were mortifying to all of us, some good has come from it. We are now a more alert nation and we no longer take our safety for granted. Congress is now seriously debating issues of privacy and hopefully any new laws will better protect us and keep us secure. Furthermore, many people have put aside petty differences and quarrels and have developed a true sense of being a united nation. Everywhere one looks, flags are flying illustrating unity and pride.

As I enter college, I will also be entering a new life. A new life filled with uncertainties and with America becoming a new and stronger nation. All of us are lucky to be Americans and to be blessed with so many opportunities. The countries that America now fights are not blessed with the freedom we have. Many, especially women, do not even have the choice of whether or not they would want to attend school. In America, everyone has the choice and the right to go to school. As our pride grows, our future brightens. Perhaps now Americans will take advantage of the many things we often take for granted, such as going to school. So many kids today feel like going to school is punishment and a waste of time. I, however, disagree. How can improving yourself be a waste of time? Education is a blessing that not everyone has and to not take advantage of such a wonderful blessing shows true lack of ambition and self- respect.

For me, the future holds endless possibilities and opportunities. I have the opportunity to go to college and further my education. I have the capability to do anything. I will make the most of myself and make my future to be exactly what I want. Attending college will allow me to realize my dream. The challenge of college is exciting and enticing. I feel certain I will be able to overcome all obstacles that may be in my path to becoming what I want to be.

I believe that when I graduate from college, America will be as it has never been before. We will truly be united as a country and we will forever continue a fight against terrorism. Our economy will boom and our pride will grow and strengthen our nation. My generation, as young adults, now faces the responsibility to be an example to all others. We must continue to make this country a great place to live. We must continue our education so that we can teach others. We will continue to be prideful so that fear will not demolish our nation. We will continue to learn so that we can constantly improve on old ideas. We will learn from past mistakes and use that knowledge to better the future. I want not only a great future for myself, but also for all those who have already helped shape my future and for all those who follow. However, we must always continue our education to accomplish such feats. Without knowledge, we will have nothing and will not be able to better the world.

When I think about what the future holds for me, the one thing I know is that I want to attend college. I want to learn as much as I can and become great at what I want to do. As an American, I have been blessed with this opportunity to apply for college and I want to take full advantage of what life has to offer. By expanding my mind, I will not have to settle for whatever comes my way. I will choose my own path and walk triumphantly because I know that my future will be exactly what I make it to be. By receiving a great education, I will accomplish my dreams. Go to our professional writing service