How to Use a Free Accounting Essay

Just because accounting deals with numbers and not letters or words; it does not mean accounting students are exempt from writing essays.  Essay writing is applicable and is being used in almost all fields of study.  And besides, accounting is not only about practical or applied accounting or auditing; there are a lot of accounting subjects which involve written concepts, theories and principles.  These subject include theory of accounts, computer audit and auditing theory among others.

Being a student inclined to numbers and having many other academic accounting studies and assignments to attend to, you should find ways to lighten your essay writing load.  One of them is by using the free accounting essay.  Here are ways on how to do this:

  1. Submit it as Your Own – Yes, you can do this; but you will ask yourself, “Would not submitting a free accounting essay as my own put my studies and even my future at risk?” Yes, it would.  It is up to you to decide whether to take the risk or not.  Should not we rewrite this item as “Do Not Submit it as Your Own?”
  2. Use it as a Sample or Guide – To help you in making your essay writing easier and faster, you can use the free essay as a sample or guide in writing your own. You can paraphrase the sentences, reword or rewrite the essay. Alternatively, you can write a whole new essay using some selected aspects of the free essay as a template or sample. The aspects you can consider would include style, substance and flow among others.
  3. Use it as a Reference or Source – You can use the free essay as a research reference or source.  You can cite ideas from a certain accounting essay you got for free and properly acknowledge the author. You can also use the cited ideas in the free essay and properly acknowledge the sources cited by the original author. For example, if the free accounting essay quoted a certain chief financial officer, you can use that quote. Just do not fail to cite the chief financial officer quoted.