Nursing Essays: Discussing Patients’ Adjustment to Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses is one important nursing essay topic.  The essay on the topic is otherwise called the chronic nursing essay.

In writing this essay, the student nurse essay writer follows some guidelines which are hallmarks of this specific essay:

  • Aim – Nursing essays on this topic put the aim at the early portion so that the readers will be guided with the essence of what they are reading and the essay is all about.  Being about a highly technical clinical matter, nursing essays on this topic may not solicit interest if the aim is not given at the onset.  Stating the aim early on will inform the reader what they will learn about from the essay.  If the aim is not given early, prospective readers will have no clear idea what the essay is about and may pass up reading.
  • For Lay Men and For Colleagues – After the aim, writers of the nursing essays on this topic proceed with introducing the topic to lay men or people who have no background on nursing and medicine.  The terms involved are defined so that lay men will understand what they mean and so that the professor can get a glimpse of the student nurse’s learnings and knowledge and the professor can mark accordingly.
  • Description – General descriptions of the conditions of chronic illness patients are enumerated.  The descriptions are given in clear and simple language which embodies nursing knowledge.
  • Examples – To give a larger picture of the scenario, examples of chronic illnesses are given. Readers will get further knowledge about the topic and at the same time sustain their interest.
  • Focus – In writing model nursing essays on this topic, student nurses each choose a specific chronic illness to which focus will be given. Go to our professional writing service