Researching Topics In Your History Essay

History essay writing, essay writing for that matter, involves planning, preparation, research, writing, and proofreading.  Research is very important in essay writing; how much more for history essay writing which involves historical facts recorded in history texts?  Thus, the importance of research for your history essay can never be overemphasize.

Let us focus on research, specifically researching topics in your history essay writing.  Before you embark or, if you have started, before you resume your research, read a few tips that you can use to better research for your history essay:

  • Be Sure of the Essay Topic – If you are assigned a specific topic, you should make sure what the topic means before you start your research.  If you are given two or more topics to choose from, make sure you know what they mean before you make your choice.  History is a very broad study which involves the use of set of words which are the same but have different meanings or different terms which have the same connotation.  For example, there are similarities and differences between the terms “mediaeval” and “dark ages.”  You should know what the essay topic means so that you will not be researching for the wrong one.  You should not mistake your topic with another.
  • Your Topic is There – You could come across materials which you know are good sources but you cannot find your history essay writing topic there.  It might, or should, be there but just with a different heading.  Familiarise yourself with your history essay writing topic using tried and tested sources and then you can go back to your target material and scan it for possible headings in which your topic falls in to.  For example, the topic “mediaeval” may take the title “middle ages.”